Romanitas has published five volumes in the past few years. These have been the product of team work and the journal continues publishing quality articles despite some publication delays. The years 2010 and 2011 were not a time of complete inactivity. Even though the journal went through a difficult period, Romanitas was able to remain faithful to its mission: to disseminate the latest research on romance languages and literatures.

Having had an extraordinarily successful beginning, Romanitas should continue on the same trajectory. It boasts an international reputation, a very strict evaluation of the articles it accepts for publication, as well as representation in various international indexes. Due to the fact that it has collaborators all over the world, Romanitas is recognized as having an important place in the diffusion of knowledge in the field of romance studies.

I am honored that the Editorial Board has shown the confidence to select me as the new Editor-in-chief of Romanitas. It is a great privilege to direct a magazine that has taken its place among the important journals in this field.

I should take the opportunity to recognize the tireless work and dedication of our colleague, Dr. José Hernández, the previous director of the magazine. Without any doubt, through his dedication he made Romanitas what it is today.

My thanks again to the present Editorial Board and all our collaborators, who have shown solidarity with the magazine; we feel that Romanitas remains in good hands today.

I will not, at this time, dwell on the difficulties encountered during the publication of this number. However, the Editorial Board and I would like to offer our apologies to the colleagues that submitted articles, for the delay and the amount of time it has taken to codify the texts so that they could be published.

It is our hope that our readers continue to enjoy Romanitas.

A. Baibeche